The IDEA is Paramount in Home Design and Build

Why engaging a Building Designer for your House Plans or Renovations is a good idea!

Building your own home is an exciting and invigorating experience whilst imposing many challenges, from the initial idea, through the process of design, build and to completion. While thinking about the design and building of your home you need to make informative and vital decisions. Some of these are very significant steps that can affect the entire project and can be extremely costly if not acted on professionally and correctly, guided by a professional Architectural Building Designer.

We mostly spend our home-time inside the home, so the interiors need to exude a nurturing and comfortable environment and an overall joyful feeling. And in our Australian climate conditions interiors need to merge seamlessly into outdoor living. Your home needs to embody your lifestyle, needs, and growth. MWDS architecture focuses on good design and build and it all begins with a Solid, Responsive and functional Ideas! A good design essentially begins with an aesthetically appealing design that has good form and functionality.

Inline with these foundational principles, MWDS-Home Design services offers to help you with turning your idea of a dream home into reality. Our team of expert architectural designers and consultants are available to make the house you are building your own home customized, designed and built to your living needs, sensitively responsive to its site and context, visually pleasing from all perspectives and functionally engaging.

In this article we will briefly highlight some important considerations as to the significance of getting your home designed by a professional building designer, for the purpose of the ideas and design-build process. 

The importance of hiring and a professional Architectural Building Designer for your next project is vital for transforming an idea into your home and to realize the optimum Idea/s for your brief, lifestyle and site requirements;

1: Ideal design:

We look closely at your brief, planning and home building requirements by firstly understanding your lifestyle accommodation needs. We initiate ideas to suit your lifestyle requirements. At MWDS we give you an innovative and efficient home design solution. From initial consultations with you and your brief, we create solutions which are responsive in energy efficiency, meeting site constraints and Council and relevant authority requirements. 

If you have an existing home that requires renovations for changes in lifestyle or expansion where your family is growing, engaging a competent Architectural Building Designer is a sensible decision in discovering solutions where the proposed renovations fit well with the existing, add value to your home. Or it may be that you require a detached solution as in a Granny Flat. The MWDS team of Building Designers initiate house plans solutions to convert your existing place into a new flexible renovation to modern design standards and taste. 

2: No design errors:

Many inexperienced building designers get into house planning and end up messing up the design and structure of your place. On the other hand, the experienced building designers are trained to form a superior design with zero errors. As per Australian Standards and codes and local Council requirements and Basix compliance, these compulsory requirements are best taken care of by an Experienced Architectural Building Design consultant having dealt with these Building matters comprehensively. MWDS-Home Design adopt a comprehensive process that bring ideas into sustainable and successfully constructed buildings and renovations embodying the client’s requirements and professional insights to become their homes. 

A professional Building Designer is the optimum choice for new home designs and existing renovations which require regulatory requirements, Council codes and to current Australian Standards. Appropriate Building Design solutions can minimize building costs.

3: Innovative solutions:

The experts utilize design techniques to turn your existing place into inspiring spaces to suit your needs. They can find an innovative solution for your house plans and renovations within budget. You can always expect the unknown problems during the building. The building designers make sure that the design process is perfect through research, planning, and understanding of the process through scheduling and communication with your builder. MWDS finds home design solutions, quality material and right strategies to build an ideal and cost-effective home of your dreams. 

4: Profitable investment:

Well-designed homes which begin in a good idea are designed with aesthetically pleasing form, function, and solution-based design enhances the value of the building. The resale value of well-structured home remains high that makes them a very desirable investment.

5: Choosing best design solutions to the right materials for building:

MWDS team of architectural building designers, and interior designers have a clear idea of your home design project and create a smooth schedule of works transitioning from idea to realization with the right decisions and choices from design decisions to material selection and construction of the home. Their ability to pick up the right material out of a wide range of options enables them to get the appropriate material based on proportions, budget requirements and functionality of space. Bringing all the details and components to compose the big picture.


The design and building of your new home or existing renovation is a complex and demanding process. Hiring an experienced Architectural Building Designer can benefit your project in so many ways especially you have a peace of mind as many of the difficult and technical decisions are in good trusted hands. MWDS is a trusted architectural building design company whom will initiate firm concept design ideas and translate them into the realized home of your aspirations.

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